Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Offensive Ratings -- the Wings

I wanted to take a moment to track Villanova's 3 wings, Shane Clark, Dwayne Anderson and Corey Stokes, much as I did the three back court players. Using the same technique as the back court, I used the individual player ratings Ken Pomeroy has published since late November on each team's Scout Report Page. These numbers were drawn from Villanova's Scout Report Page. For the chart (below) I mapped their weekly ORtgs (individual Offensive Ratings) for the Big East regular season...

Shane Clark and Dwayne Anderson were rehabbing injuries early in the season, and getting back into the rotation through December. As the Big East season progressed the duo pulled minutes from Pena (eventually Shane replaced Antonio in the starting lineup) and to a lesser degree, fellow wing Corey Stokes. By the end of the February/beginning of March Anderson, Clark and Stokes were drawing about equal minutes (in the range of 20...). The relatively high ratings are a bit deceptive; of the three, only Stokes was consistently among the first three options on offense. Clark and Anderson have been a "major contributor" in only a handful of games. In the others each has contributed points efficiently, but not prolifically.

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Villanova Viewpoint Publisher said...

Hello, greyCat-

After such an exhaustive analysis, my question-

How should our wing players be used? We have a good mix - Clark is a defensive specialist... and Anderson a fine perimeter shooter... and Stokes, a big lift off the bench... are the minutes that each currently receives optimal?