Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: Stats from the A10 1st Round

by Ray Floriani

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ- The legion is growing. At the Atlantic Ten first round two coaches in their post game press conferences made reference to numbers and statistics. Following a 62-60 overtime loss to St.Louis, John Giannini of LaSalle was asked about the trouble defending Billiken guard Kwamain Mitchell. "Actually, outside of the last shot we did pretty well," Giannini said. "He had 18 points on 21 shots. Shooting under a point a shot is not very efficient. Anytime you hold someone under 1 point per shot that’s good."

 Pts per
K. Mitchell8-21180.857

There are other ways to measure shooting performance but the fact Giannini stresses this with his staff shows he studies the statistical part of the game. Giannini noted the two teams were very close in virtually every category. He was right.

St. Louis760.82183727
La Salle750.80204024

These teams were so close you can stare at the stats all day. About the only discernable difference was St.Louis had an offensive board and (less) turnover edge. The Explorers , though, did shoot a little better. Again, the close stats reflect a game that had 6 ties, nine lead changes and was decided the final possession.

Following a 72-62 victory over Charlotte, coach Phil Martelli of St.Joe’s spoke about the quarterfinal matchup with Temple. "It’s a numeric game," Martelli said. "We have to study the numbers to find the answers or maybe new questions. To me, this is all about the numbers."

A few of the numbers from the Hawks’ first round win.

St. Joe's641.132047

At the half St.Joe’s trailed 30-23 and these were the numbers:

St. Joe's300.771329

The second half the Hawks had an amazing 71% eFG percentage. They tightened up the defense and found improved offense , especially from Tasheed Carr with a game high 22 points. Carr’s output complimented the stead Ahmad Nivins (15 pts 14 boards).

Final quote: Martelli was asked what you do down 13 the first half. "You pray," he said. "Then you curse, then pray again for forgiveness for cursing." Just vintage Martelli.

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