Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: Rutgers Women in the NCAA

by Ray Foriani

PISCATATWAY, NJ - The Big East was heard on the women’s side as seventh seed Rutgers trounced second seed Auburn, 80-58, in a second round contest. About a month ago the Scarlet Knights were a struggling bubble team. Now, C. Vivian Stringer & Co. have their ticket punched for the Oklahoma City Regional. Suddenly, Rutgers and Final Four are appearing in the same sentence.

Stats were distributed every media time out. Rather than break down every four minute stretch, I decided to highlight a few intervals to display the consistency of effort on the part of Rutgers.

7:30 remaining (1st Half) 
3:52 remaining
15:39 remaining (2nd half)
Final Game Totals

Auburn chipped away the first four minutes of the second half and almost got the deficit to single digits. The 15:39 totals reflect that. The Scarlet Knights quickly answered with a 5-0 run and the lead was soon over fifteen again. The points per possession at the selected junctures show how Rutgers dominated.

Final added Stats of note


Both teams valued the ball as low turnover rates attest. Auburn was successful on the offensive boards but one can point out they had a great deal more opportunities given 20 of 72 shooting from the floor. The effective field goal mark of Auburn attests to the superior defensive effort by the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers was on fire with a mark that included 5 of 14 from three point range. Epiphanny Prince led the way with 27 points while SEC player of the Year DeWanna Bonner paced Auburn with 17. Rutgers is playing their best ball at the most opportune time and is suddenly a team no one looks forward to facing.

"It doesn’t matter one bit where we came from it’s where we are going that counts." -- C. Vivian Stringer

"I fully expect Rutgers to get to the Final Four. I’m not putting pressure on them but they are god enough to get there. I wish them well." -- Auburn Coach Nell Fortner

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