Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: A Night At the Rock

by Ray Floriani

NEWARK NJ - Seton Hall dropped a 98-93 heartbreaker in overtime to Providence on Wednesday at the Prudential Center. A few days have passed but this game is another interesting tempo free study. In the first half both Keno Davis of PC and the Hall’s Bobby Gonzalez had to be taking turns cursing and praising that three point line. It seemed neither team could miss.

At the half…

Seton Hall423811151.0

Providence was 9 of 12 beyond the arc while the Hall was 6 of 12. That’s a combined three point percentage of over 60%.

The second half and especially in overtime saw Providence make a concerted effort to go inside. Davis wanted to utilize his team’s inside strength, get the Hall in foul trouble and wear them down. It was successful. Gonzalez did not criticize the officials but wondered, "how did they shoot 42 free throws to our 22?". It was simply a change in shot selection as Providence attacked the basket.

FTA by Half
Seton Hall616

Percentage of shots attempted from "three"

% of 3FGA by Half
Seton Hall34%43%

Another factor…The visiting friars grabbed an early overtime lead leaving the Hall in a ‘fouling mode’ to get the ball back.

Jeremy Hazell led all scorers with 30 points (7 of 12 from three). In the stretch, and OT, the Hall sharp shooter was closely guarded and did not get any great open looks. Jeff Frazier who was recruited and started his career for Gonzalez at Manhattan led the Friars with 20 points.

The final numbers…

Seton Hall8111558%29

That offensive board disparity was another factor that contributed to the Hall’s foul situation.

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