Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: The Battle of New Jersey

by Ray Floriani

NEWARK, NJ - It was two straight for Seton Hall as they defeated Rutgers 70-67 at the Prudential Center. The Hall is 2-6 in Big East play while Rutgers fell to 0-8. Of great significance on this evening was the in state ‘bragging rights’ for victorious Seton Hall. The game is more than just the performance of an outstanding individual. Still, on this night the game featured Mike Rosario of Rutgers and Seton Hall’s Jeremy Hazell, two outstanding Big East talents, consistently delivered for their respective teams. Hazell was a game high scorer while Rosario paced Rutgers. The following is a breakdown using the NBA efficiency calculation ,PTS + REB + A + S + BLK - (missed FG + TO + missed FT)and dividing it by minutes played. At the Half:

Mike Rosairo114-611.579
Jeremy Hazell73-89.450

For the Game:

Mike Rosario257-1817.447
Jeremy Hazell3510-1737.949

Hazell, hit his first three shots of the second half and had a twenty minutes virtually worthy of display in Springfield.

The overall numbers:

Seton Hall661071740

Both teams took relatively good care of the ball as evidenced by turnover rate. Seton Hall had a slight rebounding edge which thrilled Bobby Gonzalez because the Hall had been getting beat considerably on the boards in Big East play. Neither team shot very well as both had an effective field goal percentage of 46%.

Coaches’ points : Fred Hill of Rutgers felt the last three minutes of the first half and first three of the second were decisive. "That’s the way it is with us," he said. "We compete but those short stretches where there is a drop off kill us.".

Gonzalez noted how crucial the schedule is. "After beating Georgetown we would have been in for a let down game," he said. "As it turned out we had Rutgers and there was no way our kids wouldn’t be ready to play."

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