Friday, January 16, 2009

Ken Pomeroy's New Look

Very quietly over the past weekend Ken Pomeroy changed the look of his team pages. He decided to consolidate the data from his Scouting Report Page, the Schedule Page and Game Plan Page into a single page, to promote, as he referred to it, "one stop shopping" for the surfer looking for data about their teams of interest. The page is a bit crowded, but easier to use than the older versions. As for new stats, Pomeroy offers three for the individual players, and provides another boost for a handful of metrics he has featured on the team Scout Report Pages for the past 2 or so seasons.

New Team Stats...
1. Strength of Schedule -- offensive & defensive efficiencies of opponents. Compares them to the D1 average and ranks each within D1. Food for thought (for those who believe Nova has faced a very weak schedule so far...) -- opponent's composite offense is ranked #98 in D1 (that's upper 30%). But composite defense is ranked #200, which suggests that the Wildcat's offense may be even weaker than suspected.
2. Pythagorean Winning %'s for all opponents and for OOC opponents only. Pomeroy has publised these numbers on his Ratings Page, so these are technically not "new", but not grouped with his efficiency stats before.
3. Bench Minutes -- Percentage of minutes allocated to non-starters. I was curious about this also, and have been tracking Min% of the starters since the beginning of the season. Pomeroy understandably uses an estimation, based on minutes allocated to those not among the top five earners of minutes -- Pomeroy assumes the top 5 minute earners are the starters (he bolds them in the "Player Stats" section of the page), and the others are subs. Which is of course yields a deceptive result, especially when the coaching staff has not settled on a starting 5. So far Min% of non-starters is 29.8%.

New Player Stats...
1. TS% -- Pomeroy calls this variation of John Gasaway's PPWS "True Shot" (evocatcive of John Holloway's True Shot stat). Pomeroy computes PPWS and then divides it in half (and treats the value as a percentage). He suggests the modification scales the value to a 2FGM%, much like eFG%. Maybe, I am curious to see a listing of Big East players...
2. Fouls Committed per 40 minutes (FC) -- an interesting variation on fouls per minute (and minutes per foul). The surprise is how relatively foul free Dante Cunningham has been this season. Dante had something of a foul-prone reputation coming into this season. At 4.2 fouls per 40 minutes, Antonio Pena appears to be the "Starter Most Likely to Sit", which does not surprise me. Shane Clark's foul-prone behavior is most likely due to his being a sub -- he can be more aggressive coming off the bench for limited minutes. He may be a designated fouler -- the one who is tasked with giving a change of possession foul when the Wildcats need to get the ball at the end of a half or game. Anderson, also according to Pomeroy's stat, a player who would not finish a game, is a bit of a surprise.
3. Fouls Drawn per 40 Minutes -- this is another estimated stat, based on a set of assumed behavior and D1 averages. No surprise that Scottie is a Top 500 (#327) player at drawing fouls, but frankly I think the number is a bit low for him. Cunningham and Fisher are also Top 500 in this category.

I am putting the link to the team page over on the sidebar.

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