Friday, January 23, 2009

Connecticut Post Game -- Progress

Ken Pomeroy's offensive/defensive efficiency calculations (skewed for possessions) projected Villanova a 7 point loser. The Wildcats lost by 6. I am not going to post much about this, beyond links to those who have done a better job relating and analyzing the results. Tim over at the Nova News Blog provides a nice recap with a series of "quick hit" facts/observations about the game in his "Price Shoots UConn Past Nova" post game entry. By the way Tim, I suspect Redding and Reynolds pushed the ball to the cup because they were looking for contact on their shot, and an oppertunity to stop the clock while they scored (at worst?), and get that old fashioned 3 (at best). The guys over at I Bleed Blue and White have posted a series of entries. I linked to the top of the blog so that the curious will catch all of the entries. And comes through with a brief recap. Mike Sheridan's post game notes (over at the Official website) are enteraining and informative as always. And of course there is the AP wire story. The traditional box score is also available at Villanova's website, but CO_HOYA has also put up his HD boxscore.

The breakdown by halves...

 Offense Defense

Ref Notes
The crew was manned by Jim Burr, Pat Driscoll and Jim Haney. All three have worked Wildcat games this season, Haney as recently as the Louisville game. While the Huskies did get to the line a lot (39 times) -- outside of the standard deviation for road games this season, the difference was consistent with (and not at all surprising) earlier Villanova-Connecticut games. Villanova's record is 6-2 when the individuals from this crew are refereeing their games.

Roster Notes
1. Senior Shane Clark played, but had what appeared to be a flexible cast protecting his wrist. That most likely explains his reluctance to shoot when he was clearly left open several times.

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