Friday, March 28, 2008

Playing With the House's Money...

There is a near unanimous opinion outside of the Nova Nation that this game is a slam dunk (literally?) for the Kansas Jayhawks. And why not? According to Pomeroy (on Villanova's Schedule Page...) the Wildcats and Jayhawks will play for about 71 possessions and that KU will win by 16 (81-65). Pomeroy gives the 'Cats about a 7% probability for an upset. Nasty. If you are looking for a preview (it's pretty late you better get going), then you might want to head over to the Villanova Viewpoint Blog where the blogger has a preview, "Sweet 16 Kansas" available. One of the better "Keys to a Win" posts I have read this week comes from the DRE Hoops Blog -- head over to catch "Villanova - Kansas Preview" if you have time (there is hope Toto!). And the bloggers over at Let's Go Nova have, in addition to a traditional "Keys to Victory"-type preview, also have a running dialog with a Kansas fan in the "Questions from a Kansas Fan" posting.

Best of luck to the Wildcats!

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