Friday, March 21, 2008

Nova versus Clemson: Close Games

There has been a fair amount of talk in the electronic (and digital) media about a close game. So I broke out the records for the Tigers and 'Cats to see if either had much experience (good or bad) with a tight game, especially those in high pressure situations. I compared winning and losing margins for both squads, defining "close" as a win/loss of 1 - 5 points. The numbers...

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Neither has been dominant in those tight games, though both have winning percentages. Clemson, given that it's average margin in wins is +16.1 points (in losses it is -6.7...), seems to have a large number of games decided by 5 or fewer points, about 33.3%. The Tigers have had a run of close games lately. Between the end of the season and the ACC tournament, 5 of their last 6 have been decided by 5 points or less. They have gone 3-2 in those games. About 22% of Villanova's schedule have been close games.

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