Sunday, December 20, 2009

Temple Strikes Again -- Seton Hall 69, Temple 75

A Game for the Birds...
The Nor'easter that swept up the coast kept the fans out of the Rock last night. Better it should have kept the Temple team out as well. Up by 13 twice within the first 4 minutes of the 2nd half, the Pirates' defense collapsed as the Owls brushed them aside with a 40-21 run over the last 16 minutes. The game marked the debut for Memphis transfer Jeff Robinson, another athletic body to bolster the Pirates' front court, and the re-instatement of Missouri transfer Keon Lawrence, a much needed guard who will expand Coach Gonzalez's back court rotation. Individual player efficiencies suggest a few mainstays had terrible games...


Herb Pope may not have shot well, but he rebounded, dished a few assists and got to the line. If only Jeremy Hazell brought similar numbers to the table. His shooting was very much off last night, but to compound the problem, he kept shooting. Lawrence and Harvey were the most effective shooters, but Lawrence did not take that many shots (compare his %Min to those of Hazell). If Robinson's numbers are a good indication, he will bring rebounding as well, something the Pirates did not get last night from Jamel Jackson and John Garcia (and not enough of from Stix). Going forward, Coach Gonzalez has a stable of gunners -- Lawrence, Hazell, Harvey, Mitchell and Jackson. What he might feel the need to find over the next few weeks is rebounders and players who, when their own shot does not seem to be there, have no problem passing the ball off to the open guy.

Temple is on a tear. Fans looking for a drop off with the departure of Dionte Christmas should know that to date anyway, Ryan Brooks and Juan Fernandez are coming along nicely.

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