Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Blog: A10 By the Numbers

Hmmm, That Sounds Familiar
The bloggers over at College Chalk Talk decided to "go national" with their site (though they have assured readers they will maintain an A10 "perspective"), which seems to have created a niche for the NIT-ology blogger (apologies ahead of time Mike if I have your last name wrong...), Mike Scullin to start up a side project -- A10 by the Numbers. The blogger promises "statistical analysis of atlantic 10 conference basketball", a topic I have also had a growing interest in this season. Mike has put up 4 posts this month, 2 on the post season odds for A10 teams and 2 on team-specific issues (Duquesne and Saint Joseph's) that are particularly good.

If your interests run to the A10 and stats, A10 by the Numbers is worth a long look.

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