Friday, July 10, 2009

WUG 2009 -- USA Over Bulgaria 96-66

They Never Looked Back...
Team USA jumped out to a 13-5 lead after the 5:00 minutes and increased the lead through every 5 minute interval through the 25:00 minute mark. Only in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter were the Bulgarians able to cut into the USA 5 points. The player stats...


The USA squad turned in an outstanding performance at both ends of the court. Their offensive efficiency (points per 100 possessions) was well above 100, while they kept the Bulgarians at 80.9, well below the 100 threshold. The Bulgarians concentrated on 2FGAs, taking over 3/4 of their attempts from inside the arc. Converting below 45% of their attempts, coupled with rebounding little more than 1/4 of their rebounds (26%) meant their offense was largely stymied. Converting their 3s at an 11% rate did not break them, but it certainly did not keep them in the game. Probably the biggest change in the USA's offensive approach was the team's assist rate, above 50% for the 1st time since the game with Greece, and the only the second time since arriving in Belgrade.

Individual player statistics...

Anderson, James38.856.31.1227.515.68.910.3
Battle, Talor52.5110.02.2012.717.33.33.8
Booker, Trevor45.050.01.0211.913.50.022.2
Brackins, Craig42.542.90.8622.
Butler, Da'Sean32.5100.02.0024.
Fisher, Corey47.560.01.2014.
Hayward, Lazar43.875.01.5024.413.911.818.3
Hummel, Robbie50.025.00.5926.724.210.328.0
Pondexter, Quincy52.550.01.1727.911.59.93.8
Thompson, Deon40.033.30.6420.00.08.620.0
Turner, Evan40.033.31.0310.
Varnado, Jarvis15.00.00.3417.

Robbie Hummel had a terrible shooting day, but on balance his contributions were positive. Of interest in addition to Hummel and Fisher's high assist rates, is the double digit assist rates of 5 other players. Butler and Pondexter were the offensive guns for this game.

Additional Links
The AP wire story posted at Penn State (focus is understandably on Penn State's pg, Talor Battle).
The box score in .pdf format.

What's Next
The Americans will meet the Russians in the semi-final round round, 5:30 Belgrade time (11:30 am EDT). The Russians squad defeated the Lithuanian team on Thursday (7/9), 82-73.

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