Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Serb International Invitational and the World University Games

A Quick Recap
The Serbian International Invititational Tournament, a four team round robin "warmup" to the World University Games basketball tournament, concluded on June 30, just in front of the opening ceremonies for the World University Games on July 1. If the final standings (USA 2nd, 3-1) are disappointing, it may foreshadow the World University Games tournament. I am not a handicapper for international FIBA/FISU tournaments, but if the results of the last three World University Game basketball tournaments (see below) is a reliable indication, the four teams are in the better half of the field (with the Serb & USA squads early favorites).

Finished in Place...

[note 1 Yugoslavia squad entered in 1999 and 2001]. Oddly, the USA and Serb teams seem destined to meet in the second round. For the Preliminary Round play, the USA is assigned to Group H, along with Finland and South Korea, while Serbia is assigned to Group A, along with Australia and Greece. After the round robin Preliminary round, the top two finishers in Group A will be regrouped with the top 2 finishers in Group H to play a second, qualifying round. If "seed holds", the USA and Serbia will meet next Tuesday (7/7) in the Belgrade Arena. Though the outcome would determine only the pairing for the (medal) quarterfinal round, it means, should both team win out in other games, the two squads would meet three times in less than 3 weeks.

Ray Floriani Siting
Frequent contributor Ray Floriani teamed with Big East referee Brian O'Connell to officate Tuesday night for the Hamilton Park Summer League in Jersey City. The Hamilton Park Summer League is a high school program. Best of luck to Ray!


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