Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reviews on the 3 Point Line -- The Wonk Weighs In

John Gasaway posted a quick reaction to the longer distance of the three point line in the Basketball Prospectus blog "Unfiltered" -- worth the time to get over and read. As I noted in an earlier VBTN post, Ken Pomeroy had tracked the percentage of 3 point shots taken (down slightly from 2008) and the the percentage of makes (also, as Gasaway noted, down slightly from 2008). Gasaway did note that the while the percentage of 3FGAs as a part of the total FGAs was down, the percentage of 3s made was up slightly (½ of a percentage point). Not a revolutionary change to the game, more like a minor adjustment.

The Wonk does a nice review on the fundamentals of a perimeter-oriented team (POT).

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