Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guest Contributor: Ray Floriani on UCLA-Michigan Game

NEW YORK CITY - A tale of two halves in last night’s Coaches vs. Cancer semifinal. Michigan surprised UCLA to advance to the final against duke. At the half John Beilein’s club trailed 29-23. The numbers:

That decisive second half

Another key factor was in the turnover category. Michigan only had 9 TOs against a quick Bruin defense. That’s a sterling 16% TO rate. The Bruins had 17 turnovers for a miserable 28% (sorry, no adjective better fits it) TO rate. The first half was even worse as the Bruins committed 11 miscues for a TO rate of 37%. Overall, not a great night for the PAC 10 schools hailing from the City of Angels. Number 4 UCLA wound up relegated to a 5 o’clock consolation meeting with Southern Illinois while cross town rival USC was upset by Seton Hall in Puerto Rico.

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