Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Basketball Prospectus Previews the Big East.

The Basketball Prospectus (operated by Ken Pomeroy & John Gasaway) posted their Overview of the Big East yesterday (follow the link). They have posted their previews of the power conferences in three parts: the first is an overview that includes the Pythagorean winning percentage and the projected record (and finish) for the coming season. The second and third parts focus on specific teams. Gasaway does the honors for the conference, so the Overview is written in the irreverent style he used when writing his The Big Ten Wonk Blog.

Only a few surprises...Notre Dame is projected as the #4 team. Villanova is projected to win 2 additional games this season. Syracuse is projected to finish at 10-8 -- the same number of wins, but two additional losses over last season (ahhhh youth). Unlike the bloggers poll last week, the Basketball Prospectus projects South Florida as the #16 team. Rutgers three wins in three days has me wondering...

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