Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: Coaches vs Cancer Wrapup

by Ray Floriani

NEW YORK CITY -- On Friday evening Syracuse captured the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic dismantling fourth ranked North Carolina 87-71. A dominant second half enabled the Orange to pull away from the Tar Heels and establish themselves as one to watch on this year’s national scene.

The rundown:

In the 5 pm consolation, with both teams having played less than 24 hours before, there was a closely contested contest between two teams hoping the exit MSG with a win.

Ohio State6811057411715

Ohio State had a distinctively lower offensive rebounding total but looking at the eFG percentage we get a major reason why. The Buckeye’s shooting percentage from the floor meant there were less opportunities to grab a miss. Any weakness on the offensive board was negated by an impressive 15% turnover rate.

OSU’s Evan Turner deserves a lot of credit for the low turnover rate. Against North Carolina Turner had the triple ‘dubious’ double which included ten turnovers along with his 23 points 11 rebounds. After the semis Turner made it a point of emphasis to cut down that number. He succeeded with only 4 Tos in 40 minutes.

Turner and Cal’s Jerome Randle shared game high honors with 26 points. Not to discredit Cal’s senior guard but a breakdown shows Turner had a more complete outing.


The NBA efficiency formula adds positives (FGM, FTM, REB, PTS, BL, Steals, Assists) while subtracting negatives (missed FGS and FTS , turnovers).

The results from the consolation including total efficienc and efficiency per, or divided by, minute:

Effper Min

North Carolina759541304325

Syracuse trailed at the break 39-37. The Orange opened up the second half going on a 22-3 run the first eight minutes. During that stretch Carolina had more air balls (3) than field goals made (1).

The breakdown by halves:

Off. Eff.
1st Half2nd Half
North Carolina10387

The Tar Heels prefer a fast pace but this might have been too quick this early in the season. Especially against a Syracuse team getting great guard play. Syracuse attempted 10 free throws but hit only 4. Not detrimental on this night but this is a nother reason I prefer the FT Productivity metric (FTM/FGA). It is one thing to get to the line. More important what you do when you get there. Orange actually shot 43% (9 of 21) from three and only 40 % from the line.

"We have been coming here (MSG) a long time. That second hald might be the best we played. Defensively we were great and very unselfish." - Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim

"They have the best zone in college basketball. One minute you think you are open then there is someone to block your shot." - North Carolina coach Roy Williams

All Tournament
Jerome Randle-Cal
Evan Turner-OSU
Marcus Ginyard-UNC
Andy Rautins-SU
Wes Johnson- SU (MVP)

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