Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roster Moves -- Armwood to Transfer

After the European Tour
According to Jeff Goodman over at, Villanova captain, rising junior Isaiah Armwood will leave the Villanova program to pursue basketball opportunities with another D1 program. "He’s the greatest kid in the world...He’s our hardest-working guy, our captain. We started him every game on our trip...I just want to see him achieve his goals,” Wright said in the post by Goodman.

“It’s more about basketball than the school or the campus right now. … I just want to be able to exploit everything I can do. I don’t want to be limited in any things I can do.” Armwood told The Baltimore Sun reporter Matt Bracken in an interview earlier today. Schools identified by Armwood as possible destinations included George Washington (Armwood knows Assistant Coach Pete Strickland), Iowa (Assistant Coach Andrew Francis was on the Villanova staff several years ago), Texas Tech (Associate Head Coach Chris Walker was at Villanova last year), Maryland (a school Armwood grew up following) and Virginia (they contacted him earlier today).

Best of luck Isaiah!

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