Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Blog:  The Wright Way

The latest addition to the Nova Blogosphere comes by way of The Wright Way Blog, published by Ryan C. The blog features a mix of team & recruiting news, combined with game previews and post game analysis. Welcome to the Nova Blogosphere The Wright Way!


Pete @ said...

and two new ones = novafacts, or something, and this one.

EIGHT blogs? this is getting a little ridiculous. I would like to invite anyone else who wants to start a villanvova basketball blog to come write at LGN.

greyCat said...

I think there is always room for more. But if anyone wants to "try before you buy", they are certainly welcomed to submit material here or Let's Go Nova to get a feeling for the media and routine. You can always contact me through the email on the blog.

Chris @ IBBW said...

And I apparently have 2 writers for my blog (I basically live with both) that haven't written anything in months.

I could use some help too haha.

Was Wright Way incapacitated on Tuesday? Were they even aware we had a huge game? I'm confused.

greyCat said...

I have been very lucky in that fans like Ray Floriani have submitted pieces for the blog. Ray writes very well, appreciates stats and quantitative analysis, and incorporates that analysis in everything he writes for vbtn.