Monday, February 16, 2009

Eye Candy -- 2/14/09

Gimme a ahhh D?
I was looking over the box scores from the weekend and passed over the Pittsuburgh -- Cincinnati game in favor of other scores. Frankly 85-69 looks pretty typical for Pittsburgh; the comfortable margin of victory Panther fans are accustomed to this season. Something caught my eye though -- the number of field goal attempts (FGAs) taken by Pitt, 46, was a bit odd. 85 points scored on 46 FGAs? I decided to take a closer look...


A quick calculation showed the teams played for about 58.4 possessions. 85 points in 58 (or so...) possessions yields 1.455 points per possession (ppp), or an offensive rating of 145.5 -- that might be the highest I have seen for an entire game in the Big East this season. Virtually the entire starting lineup (Tyrell Biggs, DeJuan Blair, Jermaine Dixon, Levance Fields and Sam Young) posted eFG%s between 70.0 (Biggs & Dixon) and 87.5 (Fields). Substitute guard Brad Wanamaker might have been the only Panther Cincinnati defended, as he (alone) registered an eFG% < 50.0 (33.3). Even Wanamaker posted a respectable PPWS of 1.12. The Panthers did it through teamwork, as Fields dished out 13 of the team's total 21 assists. Pitt posted an assist rate of 67.7 -- 2 in 3 FGMs came after a pass.

What Does a Team Have to Do to Win?!?
The Bearcats' offensive numbers were not too shaby either. 69 points on (about) 58 possessions yields a ppp of 1.181 -- an Offensive Rating of 118.1. Cincinnati's starting #2 guard, Larry Davis posted an outstanding eFG% of 92.9, the most efficient on either squad. Davis scored 13 points on 6-7 (1-2, 5-5), 0-1 shooting. The Bearcats rebounded 38.7% of their own misses, though they did not do as good a job on the defensive boards, allowing Pitt to rebound 40.0% of their misses. With a team PPWS of 1.15, an Offensive Rating of 118.1 ought to be good enough to win most games.

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