Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: At Bob Hurely's 1,000th Win

JERSEY CITY, NJ - The game was a special moment. It was literally an honor and privilege to cover. St. Anthony's defeated St. Mary's (Jersey City) 76-46 in a high school contest at the Golden Door Charter School in Jersey City. What makes this so special was that it was win number 1,000 for Bob Hurley.

St. Anthony's High School in the distance
looking out from Golden Door Charter School

A tempo-free breakdown, at least from a possession standpoint was accomplished. The possessions of each quarter was recorded in the Hoop Source note book used by yours truly.

The efficiency numbers:

St. Mary's5485
St. Anthony's54141

The breakdowns by quarter:

The Score
St. Mary's713151146
St. Anthony's2220171776

The Possessions
St. Mary's1512141354
St. Anthony's1513131354

The Offensive Efficiencies
St. Mary's471081078585
St. Anthony's147154131131141

Hurley gathers his thoughts
as he sweeps the floor, pre-game

St. Mary's had 9 turnovers the first quarter, an astronomical 60% TO rate. The Ramblers eventually settled down and the last three quarters had a combined 10 turnovers. The game TO rate was 35%. Credit the Friar pressure defense. It is more than athleticism as St. Anthony's has length and the ability to play the angles. Even in a zone they force turnovers as any lazy cross court passes are open season for the defense. Like a shark smelling blood.

St. Anthony's, on the other hand, was superlative in their care for the ball. The Friars committed just 6 turnovers, an outstanding 11% rate. Friars, in fact, committed one turnover the second half.

St. Mary's coach Tom Lalicata was fearful of a fast St. Anthony's start. It happened as the Friars got out to a 16-0 lead and did not allow the Ramblers to get in the books until 4:07 remained in the first half.

The Ramblers had success from beyond the arc. That allowed them to stay a little more competitive the latter part of the second quarter and most of the final half. St. Anthony's just had too much size for their smaller opponents to get anything going in the paint. For the game, St. Mary's hit 17 field goals with 11 (65%) coming from three point range. St. Anthony's scored 33 with only 4 (12%) from long distance. The Friars were dominant in the paint with a strong inside game, transition and dribble penetration. In fact all ten St. Anthony's field goals he second quarter were inside.

First quarter was a little faster pace. St. Anthony's extended their defense and looked to run off the forced turnovers. Interesting to see the final quarters, how the game settled into a consistent tempo even with both teams going to the bench the latter part of the second half.

1,000 is in the books
Hurley reflects a moment

Undecided Kyle Anderson paced the Friars with 14 points, as Rutgers bound Myles Mack, and Jerome Frink chipped in12 points apiece. Isaiah Miles (18 points) and Edward Garcia (12) led St. Mary's.

Hurley was concerned all the hoopla regarding the game could have an effect. He wanted that fast start that came through defense and transition. The Friars are 16-0 and their St. Mary's opposition in Hurley's estimation was no pushover. St. Mary's is seeded fourth in the Hudson County Tournament (St. Anthony's does not enter) and has a win over powerful St. Peter's Prep to their credit.

After addressing the crowd after a post game celebration Hurley concluded his remarks with, "practice tomorrow at 4." No surprise coming from a coach who loves practice and wins games. A lot of them.

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