Friday, February 11, 2011

Coaching Carousal, Part 2011-01

Wyoming's Heath Schroyer, terminated on February 7, may well be the first coaching casualty of the 2010-11 season. Wyoming AD Tom Burman fired Schroyer 23 games into Wyoming's season, just hours after Schroyer promoted San Diego head Coach Steve Fisher as conference coach of the year, during the Mountain West weekly teleconference. The Cowboys were 8-15 overall and 1-8 in Mountain West Conference play at the time of Schroyer's termination. Associate Head Coach Fred Langley was appointed interim Head Coach for the balance of the season.

With a single termination/turnover to this point in the season, things are far more sedate than last season when to this point five head coaches had been terminated or stepped aside.


tph60 said...

Typical hard fought big east game, with physical play on both sides. Nova was chippy, and Armwood was lucky not to get thrown out. Defenses held both teams down well below their normal averages--almost no outside shooting. Pitt won because they were able to work the clock, and with time running down, get to the rim or get fouled in the process. They shot 50% in the second half, and led by a comfortable margin for most of the 2nd half. For a long stretch in the 2nd half, they smothered the Nova offense. Look forward to both teams having their top players healthy for the next game.

greyCat said...

You probably meant this for the Pitt post game posting...I agree it was a closely contested game on both sides. Robinson and Wannamaker were both very animated for the game, and Armwood's reaction to Robinson was inappropriate and definitely not the way Villanova fans want their school represented. Pitt's offense in the second half was the difference. As my posting suggests, there was an eight minute period where Villanova's offense and defense broke down completely. Stokes was important. Having him healthy for the stretch run is critical for the Wildcats.

I have always like Jamie Dixon-coached Pitt teams. The game-to-game consistency amazes me every season. The rematch should be very interesting.