Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Blog: Throw Your V's Up

A new blog devoted to quantitative analysis of Villanova basketball, Throw Your V's UP, posted for the first time today (Friday January 14). Blogger Raul Chavez's first post took an in depth look at how Villanova's offensive and defensive efficiencies have trended over the past five games. Raul suggests part of the upward trend in defense (not a good direction for the up more points per possession)  may at least be tied to the decreasing effectiveness of the 1-2-2 zone press the 'Cats employ to slow opposing offenses. While putting on the press after scoring can be effective against a turnover prone team with less than effective ball handlers and passers, the Wildcats last five opponents -- Temple (Juan Fernandez and Ramone Moore), Rutgers (Coburn with Dane Miller passing), South Florida, Cincinnati (Wright, Dixon with Gates and Bishop passing) and Louisville (Siva, Smith and Knowles) -- did not (as a group) struggle to advance the ball or break the press. In fact several (Rutgers and Louisville for example) seemed to take advantage of the presses tendency to over defend certain spots on the floor.

Chavez's second post provides some background on Dean Oliver's possession-based metrics, the increasingly employed "Four Factors", as tools for a quantitative analysis of any team's offense and defense. A very good start, Raul. I will put Throw Your V's UP alongside the other Villanova Blogs and check back often to see what Raul can develop.

Welcome to the Villanova Blogosphere Throw Your V's UP!

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