Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Puerto Rico Tip-Off Revisited -- 1st Round Games Announced

The organizers for the O'Reilly Auto Parts officially announced the 1st round game opponents and times, even as they posted a more detailed bracket (suitable for download). From the draw, it looks as if I was right on 3 of the 4 top seeds (and the top 2). Villanova (#1 seed), Kansas State (#2 seed) and Georgia Tech (I had the jackets as a #3, the organizers made them #4) were the good calls. The organizers opted for an all power conference upper bracket, giving the nod to the Rebels (Indiana would have been a hard stretch...), dropping consensus Top 25 (and A10 favorite?) Dayton to the #5 seed. The seeds then look like this:

Kansas State2
Georgia Tech4
Boston U7
George Mason8

The Big East designated again as the tournament host, so the Wildcats need pack only their home unis for the trip.

Puzzling that George Mason was chosen to play Villanova in the first round. Maybe there is some truth to rumors that Boston U and Villanova are negotiating a home game (for the Wildcats) for this season. There are still 2 TBD opponents in the Wildcat's 2009-10 schedule.

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