Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signs of the 2009 Off Season #1 -- Mascot Votes

Known for 70 years simply as the Redmen, St. John's University decided in 1994 that image, based on a stolen cigar store Indian, was politically insensitive. The University fixed on the more abstract Red Storm, which combined "...the school's traditional color with a sense of a group movement." (don't ask me, I cut and pasted that directly from the school site). The Johnnies, apparently reacting to these uncertain times, have decided to discard the ethereal in favor of a new, more tangible mascot, someone (or something) their fans can see; a mascot their fans can walk up to and press the flesh (or bolt) with I guess. And they want the fans to help them choose (the days when this is left to ad hoc, self-appointed groups of motivated undergrads acting in the dead of night are long gone...). So click on the link to their Athletic Department website, look over their six choices and cast your vote!


stan said...

U R funny greyCat. I don't really follow them (can you blame me?)but God help St. John's and that program the next couple of years.

greyCat said...

Yes I agree Stan, St. John's needs more than a change in mascot.