Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: The Value of Turnovers

JERSEY CITY, NJ - The most intriguing exhibits of tempo free analysis appear in places you may least expect them. Case in point, the non-conference meeting of FDU and St.Peter’s at the latter’s Yanitelli Center last night.

FDU had the better eFG Pct 53% to 43% and blocked 14 shots for an outstanding 2 point field goal block rate of 28%. Still, the visiting Green Knights lost. Why ? Simply turnovers. The rundown:

St. Peter's696311014%

FDU coach Tom Green noted his club’s 20 turnovers meant 15 less field goal attempts for his team. Closely related to FDU’s woes with the basketball was the proficiency St.Peter’s had in caring, only 9 turnovers, for the ball. Despite the figures and loss, the personable Green was not at a loss for words saying, "they say it is better to give than to receive and tonight we played the role of a generous Santa."

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