Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gasaway and Pomeroy in the Off Season

Ken Pomeroy and John Gasaway of The Basketball Prospectus have gone underground for the past 5 months. Those who have wondered about what they are up to should wonder no more. I ran across a note yesterday in another blog, that they will publish a paperback prospectus (due out October 28) for the 2008-09 season, but after going over to their website I see it advertised on the front page. I wonder if they will follow the format Ken used for the Big 12 preseason back in 2006-07, or if they will follow the format they used last season when writing for the basketball prospectus.

On a side note, while placing my order over at Barnes & Noble online I noticed a second version available for presale. Priced at nearly $100 and offered in an "other" format, that version ships a month earlier, October 1, rather than the announced date for the paperback (October 28). For the curious, the assigned ISBN is 9780452293359.


Pete said...

I will be buying this as well... I love Football Prospectus and buy that annually. Kenpom + Prospecus +$15 = buy. Can't imagine why anyone would pay $100 to have it a few weeks earlier.. I imagine that page is just an error.

Pico said...

"Other format?" Maybe it comes with... a disc filled with statistics. Historical statistics? Then again, that would completely undo the rationale for buying their book the next year.

I will be pre-ordering this, no doubt.

- Pico

greyCat said...

That one had me scratching my head too. Consider however, that October is "Preview Month" for D1 basketball. Having Pomeroy and Gasaway's opinions (and numbers) at your side as you rank and preview your own teams would be a nice advantage. If the Prospectus is anything like the Big 12 preview Pomeroy produced going into the 2006-07 season, it will be worth the money. I have also ordered (only) the Blue Ribbon Review for a number of years and found that publication is a terrific resource for research and just getting up to speed on all the teams that interest me. I guess I will order both for the next season.