Monday, July 14, 2008

U18 USA Men Defeat Venezuela

Early wire from Formosa, Argentina report that the USA U18 mens team beat B Pool rival Venezuela 82-73. No box score or story has been posted yet over at USA Basketball.

Checked back a while ago and there is a story posted. Travis Wear led the USA squad with 15 points. Kemba Walker manned the point (31 minutes, 12 points). Villanova's Maalik Wayns scored 5 points in 12 minutes of play. Wayns broke a 31-31 tie with 4:14 left in the first half, putting the USA squad ahead for good. Villanova recruiting target Dom Cheek scored 2 points with 5 minutes of play. The story, located on the USA Basketball website is "USA Men’s U18 National Team Victorious Over Venezuela 82-73". Those interested in the box score can find it here. The box is in .pdf format (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access). The "Additional Quotes" link over at USA Basketball contains a few Q&As with Maalik (and other team members).

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