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U19 Team: The Players

The team selected this time showed a mix of all-star (Michael Beaseley, Patrick Beverly, Jonny Flynn, Donte` Greene, David Lighty...) and solid, if not household-name-familiar talent (Matt Bouldin, Stephen Curry, Damanian Hollis, Raymar Morgan, Tajuan Porter and Deon Thompson). Player summary and per game stats, sorted by minutes played, are given below for the nine game tournament.

Patrick Beverly25094379133330461824117
Jonny Flynn218931667202446172286
David Lighty213931455112634122579
Raymar Morgan188928695192350223083
Deon Thompson18694071004071101690
Stephen Curry1619276012341526192485
Michael Beasley1539498911048791218111
Matt Bouldin118914355159203336
Tajuan Porter115917499318186849
DeAndre Jordan789213000213081650
Donte Greene688102751551291234
Damanian Hollis526916247123423

The table above contains statistics for scoring during the tournament, while the table below records the rebounds, assists, turnovers, personal fouls, steal and blocks. The table below is also sorted by minutes played.

Patrick Beverly143448291213231
Jonny Flynn21820251713022
David Lighty1520357162317
Raymar Morgan1524399173029
Deon Thompson243155618201314
Stephen Curry62834201426022
Michael Beasley20284842320414
Matt Bouldin81321762202
Tajuan Porter3581112506
DeAndre Jordan1113240131784
Donte Greene481236823
Damanian Hollis167011214

The mix seemed to work well through the pool play, but ran into problems during the medal round. Wainwright had a nucleus of Patrick Beverly, Jonny Flynn, David Lighty, Raymar Morgan and Deon Thompson, a group whose Min% ranged from a high of 69.4 (Beverly) down to 51.7 (Deon Thompson). Behind this group was a "regular" rotation that included Michael Beasley (42.5) and Stephen Curry (44.7). These seven saw most, but not necessarily all, of the minutes. All 12 players had minutes, and all but Greene and Hollis appeared in every tournament game. But among those 5 the Min% varied from 32.8 (Matt Bouldin) down to 14.4 (Damanian Hollis). The table below shows possession-based stats (except PPWS) for the individual players.

Patrick Beverly69.417.617.9139.762.71.2930.422.8
Jonny Flynn60.618.117.1118.752.31.1233.325.8
David Lighty59.214.812.0118.374.41.3955.626.7
Raymar Morgan52.222.320.895.144.21.0043.531.9
Deon Thompson51.720.221.6110.556.31.1522.514.1
Stephen Curry44.722.521.1122.455.01.1940.031.7
Michael Beasley42.532.232.9101.855.61.1420.213.5
Matt Bouldin32.813.616.8108.847.10.998.68.6
Tajuan Porter31.920.724.1102.243.90.9316.312.2
DeAndre Jordan21.723.821.8117.170.01.3353.326.7
Donte Greene18.922.422.5104.946.31.0444.433.3
Damanian Hollis14.412.317.4149.462.51.2825.018.8
Team Credited0.70.7

The table above contains most of the offensive/scoring statistics calculated on individual possessions. The statistics are the standard ones used for analysis by Dean Oliver and Ken Pomeroy. The Offensive Rating (ORtg%) measures a player's offensive efficiency by calculating the number of points scored per 100 possessions. PPWS, developed as the "True Shot" statistic by John Hollinger and modified for the college game by John Gasaway, estimates the number of points scored (by field goal and free throw) whenever the player takes a field goal attempt.

Michael Beasley3.922.314.319.2
Patrick Beverly31.4136.114.2
Matt Bouldin20.417.57.411.5
Stephen Curry26.318.44.118.2
Jonny Flynn30.
Donte Greene9.218.46.412.3
Damanian Hollis07.02.112.1
DeAndre Jordan033.015.417.4
David Lighty10.624.27.79.8
Raymar Morgan10.219.38.713.4
Tajuan Porter21.923.92.94.6
Deon Thompson7.622.814.117.4

Players who had a good tournament included:

  • Patrick Beverly -- started all but the first game of the tournament, and played 30+ minutes in those last eight games, giving him a team high Min% of 69.4. Beverly finished with a PPWS of 1.29 (very good) and an eFG of 62.7 (sensational). This rising freshman will kill for Arkansas next season. He hit 39.4% of his 3s (equivalent to hitting 59.1 of his 2s...), and 65.2% of his 2s. And the kid knows how to give it up; he averaged 3.2 assists per game and had an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.42:1 (not a typo). He also had a very respectable %DReb of 14.2. This from a guard. Razorback John Pelphrey has a terrific team quarterback and scorer next season.
  • David Lighty -- may have started all 9 games, but his playing time was limited during the early tournament games. Coach Wainwright increased his playing time over the course of the tournament. While he did not shoot often (he averaged about 5 FGAs per game -- also note his Shot% was 12.0, suggesting he did not have even a "role-player" level status in the team's offense.) he was deadly accurate when he did. His PPWS was 1.39; his eFG% was 74.4. Lighty shot an amazing 45.5% on his 3s (the equivalent of 68.3 on 2s), translating into an ORtg% of 118.3. But he attempted a paltry 1.2 3FGAs per game. That must have driven Wainwright crazy. The Americans badly needed a prolific scorer (with Lighty's accuracy) in their second game with the Serbs. But Lighty responded with an accurate but paltry 3-4, 1-2, 2-2 9 performance. He will be a very good complement scorer to Kostos Koufu next season at Ohio State.
  • Stephen Curry -- played largely in the rotation off the bench. While he started no games and played, more often than not <20 minutes in a game, he earned about 44.7 of the Min% at his position. His PPWS was a very respectable 1.19 while his eFG% was 55.0. His DReb% was a very strong 18.2.
  • Deon Thompson - who showed some accuracy from his frontcourt position. Thompson posted a very respectable PPWS of 1.15 and an eFG% of 56.3, all without benefit of a 3 point shot. His OReb% was a very strong 14.2 (anything over 10.0 excellent) and his DReb% is a respectable 17.4. He managed to start 4 games over the course of the tournament. He averaged 1.5 blocks per game.
  • Jonny Flynn -- the second of two members from Syracuse (incoming freshmen) had a respectable PPWS of 1.12 and an eFG% of 52.3. His 118.7 ORtg% was very strong -- he would be ranked in the Top 500 next season if he posts a rating like that while playing for the Orange. Coach Wainwright played Flynn to the tune of 60.6 of his %Min, so the Big East coach clearly thought Flynn had something to contribute. Flynn did appear to have his best days against the weaker competition like Mali (7 assists) and China (14 points on 5-8 shooting, 3 assists) and Brazil (10 points on 4-4 shooting). In fairness Jonny's single best game came against the French (1st game) in which he scored 18 points on a 7-14 shooting effort that also featured 4 defensive rebounds and 5 steals. But overall he also seemed to disappear, a problem most especially felt in the last two games where he shot 3-12, 0-4, compiling 6 assists and 5 turnovers (1.2:1) with a single rebound.
Several of the more recognizable names did have a less than spectacular tournament:
  • Michael Beasely -- was the second highest scorer on the team, but scored with considerably less efficiency than Flynn, Beverly & Lighty.
  • Donte` Greene -- a non-factor for much of the tournament. Coach Wainwright kept him out of the second game (versus China) due to injury. He played double digit minutes in only 3 of the remaining games (no more than 14 minutes -- that against France in their first tilt). His PPWS was a (for this tournament) modest 1.04, while his eFG% was a disappointing 46.3.
  • DeAndre Jordan -- Certainly not an undiluted disaster as several others experienced. Jordan managed to start 2 games (Mali & the first Serbia game) and play for 18 minutes in a third one (vs. Brazil). But as the USA team went into the medal round Jordan's minutes were cut drastically. While his ability to score was not in doubt, his ability to hold onto the ball was. A turnover rate of 33.0 is very large for even a frontcourt player who handles a lot of passes into the paint. We will see how well he does at TAMU next season.
  • Damanian Hollis -- saw very little action. He played a total of 52 during the nine game tournament, appearing in only 6 games. The first game he did not play carried the notation DNP - Coach's Decision. Hollis was shooting pretty decently when he played. He just did not play.

All in all a very successful tournment. Congratulations to Coach Wainwright, his staff and most of all the U19 players.

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