Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whaaat? Fisher Scored 105 One Game?

When street ball (and Villanova fan) message boards and Twitter started popping with the story that rising senior guard Corey Fisher, home playing some summer ball in the Watson Tourney Summer League, had scored 105 points in a single 40 minute game earlier Saturday (August 7) night, I started looking around for "official" confirmation. Through 2am Sunday I could find nothing, but a Dime Magazine column (scroll to the bottom) is about as good as I am going to get at this point, so I'm running with it. Without knowing how many shots he took calculating his efficiency is impossible. What I have learned, largely from message boards, etc. is that Fish hit 23 3FGAs (that's 69 points right there), and that he recorded 72 of his 105 points in the second half. The original threads tended to veer towards tales of DaJuan Wagner, but my immediate thought was how stories of his dunk over the King put some wind into Jordan Crawford's (and Xavier's) sails going into last season. Jose Calderon, the Spanish Harlem guard who drew the ill-fated assignment to guard Fish is no King James, and summer league refs tend to be travel and palming tolerant (a bugaboo that has plagued Fisher since his freshman days...maybe the Big East refs will ease up a bit on him this season...), 105 points in 40 minutes comes out to 2.5 points per minute. If he did score 72 points in the second half, he was ringing them up at a 3.6 point per minute rate. Wow.

Update 08/14/2010
A Daily News story came out today with a few more details and a good picture of Corey F in his Dyckman Park jersey. Fish will play again tonight at Monsignor Kett Playground, between 10th Avenue and Nagle Avenue, south of Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan, tonight at 8:00pm. Would be interested to know if a larger than usual crowd comes out.

Update 08/13/2010
Fish confirmed his performance in an interview with ESPN's Dana O'Neil this afternoon. The rising senior said that riding a wave of crowd encouragement, he scored 72 points through the first three quarters, but did not realize he was approaching 100 points until he got to the line near the end of the game. By then the crowd was in a frenzy every time he had the ball. If Corey F had a hard time keeping track of the score, the 6-0 guard seemed to recognize that the GymRatsNYC threw every defense under the sun at him, double teams, a box-and-one and zones (to cut down on those pesky threes no doubt), to stop him. DPO also reports that in addition to blowing by Kenny Satterfield's 63 point Watson Summer League record, Fish also took down Fly Williams' 32 year old 100 point IS8 record on his Night of Nights. Fish will play again at Watson-Gleason on Saturday.

Update 8/10/2010
Over the past 48 hours more blogs have begun to pick up on the story, and versions, some more complete, others, repeating the bare elements (sometimes incorrectly) that were circulated over the weekend. A rumored video still has not surfaced, and as of yesterday Corey Fisher has not responded to requests to comment. With ESPN blogger Eamonn Brennan noting the performance with a question earlier today (clever way to relate the known facts of a story without having to confirm or deny, Eamon), can the MSM be far behind? Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger has manged to tease a few more facts from Lionel Saunders (Watson Summer League Director), Kenneth Stevens (eyewitness) and BangLee Takenouchi (captain of the GymRatsNYC -- the team Fisher's squad beat). New information (from The Dagger):
1. The game was played Saturday night at the Watson Gleason Playground against the GymRatsNYC, a semi-pro club that competes in summer street ball tournaments in New York City.
2. A fan had prompted Fisher to take a run at former Cincinnati Bearcat Kenny Saterfield's 63 point record. A GymRatNYC player also scored 60.
3. Fish had 56 points in the first half, and despite a steady diet of double and triple teams scored another 49 points through the end of the game.
4. With about 75 points to his credit, Fisher's teammates continued to feed him, curious to see how far he could go.
5. As his arms tired, Fish switched to lane drives to continue scoring (a move familiar to Villanova fans), which brought contact and fouls.
6. Fish scored point 100 with inside of a minute to go. He garnered a steal and was fouled (again) and dropped two at the line. He then hit a last 3 at the end of the game to push the tally to 105.

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