Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guest Contributor Ray Floriani: UConn at Seton Hall Women's Basketball

by Ray Floriani

NEWARK, NJ - The UCONN Huskies opened the Big East in convincing fashion. The defending national champions romped over Seton Hall 81-24 at the Prudential Center on Saturday afternoon. In a game whose result undoubtedly chilled the hearts of their Big East sisters, the Huskies went on a 17-0 run after the score was tied at two and never looked back.

In a 74 possession game, the Efficiency and Factors:


Seton Hall322141738

Seton Hall Coach Phyllis Mangina said that not making shots and turning the ball over have been a problem all season for her team. “When you do that against an opponent like UConn the problem magnifies,” she said. The effective field goal percentage and turnover rate for the Pirates are marked examples of their main problems. The Hall managed just 9 field goals on the afternoon, shooting 9 of 52 from the field. Their two point percentage (5 of 31 for 16%) was actually lower than their three point accuracy (4 of 21 for 19%).

UConn shot 38 of 67 (57%) from the floor and had a resounding 32 of 49 for 65% from two point range. It should be noted not all the Husky two pointers were in the paint as UConn has a mid range game which is the envy of some men’s programs.

The lopsided score, 52-12 UCONN at the half, does not tell all . In other words this was not a repeat of Duke’s 117-28 devastation of North Carolina Central earlier in the week as Geno Auriemma‘s club did not run it up on the Hall. The Huskies did not press full or three quarter court for one possession. In the first half they half court trapped a few possessions than quickly took it off. Minutes were spread throughout the entire cast on hand. From 23 minutes for Tina Charles and reserve Megan Gardler to 11 minutes posted by Jacquie Fernandes. UConn is simply that good and as Mangina added , “you have to shoot very well to have any chance of beating them.” Or of being in the game.

Last week it was noted NCCU’s 33 offensive efficiency was the lowest yours truly saw or computed in roughly two decades of points per possession studies. Seton Hall’s .32 or 32 offensive efficiency broke that personal mark.

Efficiency experts. Entering the game the Huskies had an unheard of +55 efficiency margin. That is, the difference between offensive and defensive efficiency. Seton Hall’s +3 could have been higher with some better offense as the defense was keeping their end of the bargain.


Seton Hall8683+03

The chart that follows is the four UConn scoring leaders for the contest. The efficiency figures, notably efficiency per minute, are outstanding.


Tina Charles19271.170
Kalana Greene16140.824
Meghan Gardler16200.870
Maya Moore14200.909

Tina Charles, UConn’s 6-4 senior center, has been outstanding. Charles came on strong the latter part of the year especially in the NCAA tournament and has picked right up this season. She added 8 rebounds and shot 8 of 10 from the floor.

Seton Hall did not have a player in double figures and was led by junior guard Ebonie Williams with 9 points.

UConn improved to 12-0. Their ‘closest’ game being a 12 point win over number two ranked Stanford just before Christmas.

The Hall falls to 8-6 and hosts Syracuse on Tuesday. “There are things to learn from this game but we have to put it behind us,” Mangina said. “In the Big East you need a big ego and a short memory.”

On facing a team UConn has defeated 25 straight times : “Our kids do not realize the history of the series. What we do every game is simply prepare for the opponent at hand. We focus on each team and get ready in the same manner.” UConn Coach Geno Auriemma

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