Friday, December 4, 2009

Drexel Post Game -- Spreading the Wealth

The 6th Man
The popularity of the City Series basketball rivalry caught on in virtually every other D1 sport that the five schools participated in, and in virtually all of the others a 6th school, Drexel, also a "full": member. Except basketball. In an era where schedules feel the pinch for OOC games, the Drexel Dragons are not brought into the annual round robin. Some of the Big 5 may play Drexel, but the results are not counted towards the Big 5 basketball honors.

 Offense Defense

Many of the 2nd half defensive lapses (see the red on the Defense side of the table above) can no doubt be traced to the 16 point lead the Cats brought with them into the locker room. They dominated the Dragons on both sides of the basketball in the 1st half. If Villanova kept up the pressure under Drexel's basket, they did ease up in a few other shot defense (especially 3 point FGAs, also in red) and turnover rate.
Notes & Observations
1. As noted elsewhere, Drexel was Antonio Pena's fourth double-double of the season (and his career), even as he scored a career-high 19 points.
2. Taylor King, with 16 points on 6-11 (4-6,2-5) & 0-0 shooting, also posted career-high points.
3. The staff played the starters for 65% of the time, the 6th game this season the starting 5 have seen < 70% of the playing time. The starters saw 71% of the minutes versus George Mason in Puerto Rico.

Ref Notes
The crew running the game included John Gaffney, Tim Higgins and Earl Walton, three of the most experienced referees available. Whether age (they were just too tired to keep up) or maturity (let 'em play), for total fouls called, the game was the lowest this season (35). Villanova did get to the line for 30 FTAs, on the higher end, suggesting Villanova players were taking it to the rim (and the Dragons were fouling).

Roster Notes:
1. Jason Colenda left the team to concentrate on his degree.
2. Mouphtaou Yarou was diagnosed with Hepatitus B. It is not clear that he will rejoin this season.

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