Monday, December 8, 2008

Guest Contributor: Ray Floriani on Turnover Rates

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ -- A few stats jumped off the pages from this weekend. First, you suffer through a 31% turnover rate. And win! At the Seton Hall Women’s game on Saturday, the Hall did just that. Actually for a half it was even worse. The breakdown.

1st HalfScorePossEffTOTO Rate
Seton Hall3040751640

* I do not see every box score in America but still can’t remember a 40% TO RATE. For a game or a half.

GameScorePossEffTOTO Rate
Seton Hall7374992331

For the second half Marshall had 19 points, 13 turnovers and a whopping 36% rate. Why the turn around, did the Hall go to pressure defense ? Quite opposite, Seton Hall coach Phyllis Mangina went from man to man to basic 2-3 zone and their opponents from Conference USA went into a 20 minute melt down.

Saw on Saturday night that Andrew Nicholson of St.Bonaventure blocked 8 shots in the Bonnies’ 60-53 win over Princeton. Realizing that Princeton will shoot a good deal beyond the arc, decided to figure the Bonnies’ block percentage.

Block percentage is blocks divided by two point attempts. Tigers attempted 27 two pointers. Bonnies had 10 team blocks which figures to an off the charts 37% block rate. On the night Nicholson added 16 points 9 boards to his personal ‘block party’.


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