Friday, October 7, 2011

Signs of the Offseason 2011-07 -- Conference Realignment: "Pick up on Line #1 -- Its the Big East"

Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye
New York Times sportswriter Pete Thamel reports that in the wake of Texas Christian University's decision to accept an invitation to join the Big 12 Conference, Big East league Presidents will conference call this morning to sort out their options. Topping the makeshift agenda will be who to invite to join in an effort to bolster the football side of the house. With the departures of Syracuse and Pittsburgh as of last month, combined with the non-arrival of TCU, the Big East football conference is down to six members, not enough to sustain their AQ status at the BCS table. While there is no confirmation that invitations will be extended today (Commissioner John Marinatto was directed to move quickly on this last Sunday), Cincinnati Enquirer sportswriter Bill Koch reports that the Presidents will vote to extend invitations to the University of Central Florida and East Carolina University today.

But What About?...
The Nova Blog reports that while Temple and Villanova continue to be mentioned as possible candidates, there is no indication that either will be addressed by the meeting.

H/T: The Nova Blog & Voodo Five

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