Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Blogger Roundtable -- Q & A on Looking Back, Looking Ahead

St. John's blogger Pico Dulce will be running a series of question and answers about the state of the Big East basketball programs over the course of this week. He kicked off today by asking "Which (of last season's players) is the Biggest Loss"? The Villanova bloggers were surprisingly unanimous in that Corey Stokes' loss would be the hardest on the team. While the answer for many teams across the conference are self-evident (Connecticut will miss Kemba Walker; Cincinnati will miss Rashad Bishop), two of the more unusual answers came from Pico on St. John's ("everyone"...94% of the last season's points and minutes graduated or transferred) and DePaul's Blue Demon Nation (Shane Larkin -- the point who left school in August and wound up over at Miami a month later).

It's good to see the conference bloggers working on something other than who is in and who is out of the conference going forward.

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