Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Blog: Secondary Break

Chris DiSano over at College ChalkTalk has spun out a less structured version of his basketball gazette called Secondary Break. The blog has a handful (about 15 actually) of ongoing contributors, including frequent vbtn contributor Ray Floriani. Ray posted the second in his series about possession-based stats -- points per possession with both an explanation on how to calculate the stat and why that is more reliable than a per capita stat like average points per game, for identifying potent offenses.

As the name suggests, Secondary Break specializes in quick takes on "just behind the news cycle" topics ranging from player spotlights to team backgrounds, from stats and analysis to below-the-surface looks at recent news. A link for Secondary Break will go into the "Notable Blogs..." list at the left, and I intend to check in regularly with those guys.

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