Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sports Illustrated -- Super Heroes and Other Things

Lionizing Sports Heroes and Other Pastimes
I ran across this reference on one of the Rivals message boards earlier today, and have spent an hour or two debating with myself whether to post. What the heck, it is sort of team news, right? The Sports Illustrated season preview will hit the stands today (or tomorrow?) and will contain a feature on three D1 players, BYU's Jimmer Fredette, KState's Jacob Pullen and Villanova's own Corey Fisher, set in the comic book format, illustrated by DC Comics. The front is below...

Each player gets a pair of facing pages, scripted by SI's feature writer Luke Winn. Corey's page (immediately below), manages to recount Fisher's legendary 105 point game in Watson-Gleason Park last August, while also sneaking in what might be the 500,000th reference to Fisher-Price toys. Corey's effort eclipsed Fly Williams' 35 year old 100 point record.

You Are A Legend Corey!


Mark said...

How is it possible that you thought about not posting this? It's great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

greyCat said...

I started vbtn to focus on quantitative analysis -- Villanova focused, but flexible enough to look at a variety of games, teams and methods as a way of better understanding the dynamic of the game and the team. Ray Floriani understood that focus, and he has contributed quite a bit over the past few years with material about other teams and conferences. A number of other "numbers focused" bloggers have been very encouraging, and the other Villanova blogs have by-and-large left this niche to vbtn (maybe they don't find it interesting?). And I have generally the "other stuff" to them. About once a year or so I trip over a "breaking news" item. I met my quota for 2010 in August when I was working late on a "Sophomores to Watch" piece and the basketball corner of the internet exploded with news of Cory Fisher's 105 point performance.