Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking Back at February Expectations

The Snow Wasn't the Worst Part...
I posted an entry at the beginning of the month that took a look at Februaries of season's past and ran a few numbers for Villanova's record in February under Coach Wright. In the aftermath of last night's loss (a surprise to me irrespective of the numbers and projections...) I thought I would take another look at that February 1 Post.

At that point Villanova had a single loss and was keeping pace with Syracuse for the conference lead. The Orange were up a win, but the important loss column was even. I noted that Pomeroy was predicting a 5-3 record (and secretly thought he was underselling the Wildcats), while also noting the team had averaged closer to a 0.700 winning pace in the prior four seasons. That would have produced a record of 6-2. 0.500 would have been more accurate, as Villanova went 4-4 through the month, taking losses from Georgetown, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. The last three coming in the past two weeks. Ouch. Let's hope March is a better month. A bit less snow and few more wins. Ok, a lot more wins.

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