Monday, June 29, 2009

WUG 2009 -- Serbia Downs USA (Exhibition)

Home Court Advantage
The USA squad faced the home team Sunday evening, and dropped a 16 point decision (98-82) while picking up a surprising 31 fouls. A total of 59 fouls were called, the host team tagged for 28 fouls. Unlike their host, who knew how to convert when the opportunity presented (the Serbs converted 39 of 46 FTs, 84.8%), the Americans shot 65.6% (21-32) from the charity stripe. The possession-based stats show a breakdown on both sides of the ball.


The USA squad was out rebounded for the second game in a row. The offensive rebounding rates (OReb) continues to be the more troubling stat, especially when coupled with poor shooting. Note the Serbs had a lower field goal efficiency rate (eFG), but nevertheless were far better at translating their shots into points (PPWS) than the USA squad (better free throw percentage in part, but also a 54.5% conversion rate on 2FGAs). The USA's turnover rate (TOR%) is a killer, especially when working to overcome a deficit.

Individual player stats show that again, a few squad members had a good game, but that poor shooting (and lack of rebounding) continue to undermine the squad's efforts

Anderson, James30.058.31.1631.
Battle, Talor52.544.41.0126.
Booker, Trevor42.5100.01.583.725.210.00.0
Brackins, Craig27.533.30.6717.
Butler, Da'Sean52.570.01.4714.
Fisher, Corey47.533.30.8739.
Hayward, Lazar40.020.00.6819.
Hummel, Robbie55.025.00.5611.46.53.915.2
Pondexter, Quincy40.050.01.1215.617.95.36.9
Thompson, Deon45.050.01.0120.
Turner, Evan45.092.91.6524.37.94.730.9
Varnado, Jarvis22.50.00.3413.

Starters are highlighted in green. The Big East contingent received the starting nod, but Fisher again logged <50% of the time at the pg, most likely due to his poor shooting (and lack of rebounding?). Hayward too was plagued with shooting (and turnover) woes, but he did a credible job on the defensive boards. The squad tightented up on their 3 point defense, against the Canadians they allowed a 50% conversion rate, but the Serbs were limited to a 17% conversion rate. Which makes their low conversion at the line (65.6%) and in 2 point defense (the Serbs converted 54.3% of their 2s) all the more glaring.

Additional Links
The boxscore in .pdf.
Post game quotes from the coach and several players (Corey Fisher & Ohio State's Evan Turner).
The AP story released by USA Basketball.


stan said...

Hello greycat.

I've glanced at the FIBA rules regarding fouls and there's something I don't understand in this Serbia game.

We shot 21/32 from the line. They shot 39/46! As far as I can tell, there isn't a 1 and 1 under these international rules. According to the box score, we had 31 PFs, they had 28 PFs. A small difference in PFs

If the above is true, why the big difference in FTM? Would I be correct in assuming most of our fouls came on their 3pt shot? They were 3/18 on bombs and we were 5/19. Was there home cookin on the part of their refs?

greyCat said...

I confess that aside from the technical Quincy Pondexter pulled in the Serbia game I have no idea why there is such a disparity. I was not aware of no 1-n-1 in international play (are you sure?). Looking over the box score there is no other explanation for the number of FTAs some of the Serbs took. Even with and-1s on every FGM, there are not enough FGMs to account for the free throws Raduljica and Milosevic took. As for the foul disparity, it seems the USA was whistled for a lot of fouls in the exhibition tournament -- against the Serbs, and also the Canadians. All of the referees were Serbs (refs from other countries have been used in the World University Games tournament).

stan said...

To answer your question about 1 and 1, I watch zero international ball nor do I follow it, now or ever. My only interest in these games is because Fish is on the team. So I am not 100% sure there isn't a 1 and 1.

When I looked at the FIBA rules I went here:

Page 44 addresses team fouls. I am sure somewhere there in lies the answer. I am equally as sure that despite this being the teams second game playing under international rules, there was definitely a bias on part of the home team refs. I hope we have a more international set of refs in the medal rounds, which I think we're going to get to.

greyCat said...

I might be wrong Stan, but I think (from page FIBA rules, page 44) "team fouls" are considered personals and technicals. Teams are in the bonus when there are 4 team fouls in a period (remember there are 4 quarters in the international game), at which point fouls result in a 2 FTAs award. Which would explain the high number of FTAs awarded to the Serbs in the exhibition game.

stan said...

I've read it again greyCat and I think you're correct. Thanks for the help and interpretation.

greyCat said...

Not a problem Stan. Did you hear about the USA - Serbia game today (7/7)? USA 68-66 over the Serbs. From those in attendance I understand it was toe-to-toe from the 2nd quarter to the end of the game. Will most likely post some details later.

stan said...

I heard. It must have been an exciting game! I look forward to reading the details. This is all tremendous experience for these kids. I would say that Bo Ryan is a terrific head coach. His assistants aren't too shabby either. They're playing a slightly different game and on a different continent. What a great life and learning experience the whole team will never forget.