Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hoops Mania -- Nova Blogosphere Dissed!

Those members of the Nova Nation looking for some blogosphere coverage of Villanova's Hoops Madness won't, at this hour anyway, find it among the Nova hoops blogging fraternity. I did run across this coverage at the Rush the Court Blog. The bloggers over there were not especially circumspect about our lack of coverage either, bragging they had scooped three of Villanova's more popular sites. I prefer to think the Nova contingent was out cheering on the Villanova football team, which lost to #1 ranked (D1-AA) JMU this afternoon 23-19 on literally the last play of the game. Those waiting for pictures will have to do with a Rush the Court shot of the team dancing (having originated at the official athletics web site, it is also displayed on the VUsports' "Bench Warmers" messageboard thread) and a short (cell phone quality?) video of Shane Clark exiting the white stretch limo the team used as their "entrance vehicle" during the festivities. Clearly the students were pumped and by all reports, were happy with the music.

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