Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goaltending Redefined?

The Rules Subcommittee recommendations this season are a bit less game-changing than some of the prior years recommendations. They will recommend adopting a rule that requires the home team to wear the lighter colored uni...unless both home and visitor agree to switch. The other recommendation, according to the AP article, via ESPN is to redefine goaltending to include touching the ball while completely above the rim, after it strikes the backboard, irrespective of whether the ball is in upward or downward flight. The existing goaltending rule prohibits touching the ball (completely above the rim, after striking the backboard) as it was in downward flight. The Subcommittee has decided to continue to study the effect of widening the free throw lane (like the international game), which suggests this change will have to wait for a bolder subcommittee, one that will either move the proposal forward or kill it altogether.

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